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Bosch KDN42VI20
650€ 535€
Bosch KDN42VW20
615€ 499€
Bosch KDN64VL21N
925€ 756€
Bosch KDN64VW20N
865€ 687€


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A product which has been issued with a sales receipt means the automatic acceptance by the purchaser of both its good operation, as well as its top condition, including the packaging and its accessories, as it is set out on the cover of the package.

A product for which a sales receipt has been issued means the automatic acceptance of its characteristics by the purchase, as they are set out in the official webpage of the manufacturer or the printed manual instructions guide of the manufacturer.

It is expressly declared that in accordance to the above the company is not liable for any verbal information provided in the past regarding the product, within or outside the company.

Products which are guaranteed directly by the manufacturer, are automatically accepted also by the purchaser, whether the latter has been informed or not upon the sale of the product, if and so long there is relevant information in the product manual instructions guide or the official webpage of the manufacturer.

Finally, the issue of any invoice by CMC ELECTRIC LTD which contains the above terms means their absolute acceptance by the client.

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