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The focal point in the kitchen
Self-contained hobs

Most Miele hobs have their own controls and can be installed independently of an oven. This enables the space underneath the hob to be used for drawers or cupboards. This allows you versatility when planning your kitchen.

Heating styles for individual cooking habits

The trendsetter. With induction cooking, the heat is generated directly in the pan base. The size of the pan is automatically recognised. The advantages: Practically no energy is lost. Cooking is particularly safe as the areas surrounding the cooking zone stays relatively cool. Miele induction hobs also offer a number of high-end features for added user convenience.

The right size for every kitchen

60 cm wide space-saving appliances offer three or four cooking zones.


75 cm wide appliances offer three to six cooking zones.


90 cm wide appliances offer three to five cooking zones.

Stands out thanks to versatility and quality
Flexible installation options

Miele downdraft extraction is versatile in every respect: The internal fan is ideal with highly efficient extraction mode and for the recirculation mode, for example in passive houses. In addition to the many technological advantages, downdraft extraction offers completely new installation options thanks to its compact design. It takes up very little space in the base unit and leaves plenty of room for drawers.

Cleaning made easy

All the moving parts of the downdraft extractor can be easily removed by hand and cleaned in the dishwasher.