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Best liquid detergent system with push of a button

Automatic dispensing with TwinDos is not only practical, but also guarantees perfect cleanliness: with UltraPhase 1 and 2 your appliance offers the best liquid dispensing system. TwinDos dispenses UltraPhase 1 and 2 at the optimum time during the programme and thud achieves the very best wash results. TwinDos also dispenses with such precision that you can save up to 30% on detergent when compared to manual dispensing.

The perfect addition for special applications

Items requiring special treatment can be dealt with conveniently using Miele portioned capsules. They are simply placed into the fabric conditioner compartment. The appliance dispenses the contents at the perfect point in the wash process-completely automatically. Your choice: 6 special detergents (Sport, Down, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare, Proofing agent), 3 softeners (Aqua, nature, Cocoon), as ell as Booster for stubborn soiling.

You cant’t clean faster than this

Excellent cleanliness in less than 1 hour – hard to believe! Miele achieves high cleaning performance in a surprisingly short time with QuickPowerWash.

Stains option
19-Stain-Options-washing-machineOnly Miele can do it

Up to 23 different types of stains can be treated in a Miele washing machine – up to three types of stains at the same time. Simply select the appropriate programme option – and the wash programme will be adjusted accordingly to suit the specific stain. The integrated stain-removal guide in the display advises on how to tackle the stain in question effectively. This is only available from Miele.

PowerWash 2.0
20-PowerWash-2.0-washing-machineRevolutionary economy with every load

Miele appliances with PowerWash 2.0 wah up to 40% more efficiently than required for energy efficiency clas A+++- and even clean small loads energy efficiently. The secret: The innovative Spin&Spray washing technology enables a very low water level to be used and thereby saves energy when heating up. And all this with good cleaning performance, excellent rinse results and moderate programme run times, even in the Cottons Eco programme.

20-PowerWash-2.0-washing-machineAbsolute cost control

Miele washing machines with EcoFeedback provide precise energy and water consumption data. This gives you full cost control. Before starting a programme, you can request a consumption forecast for the selected programme. Precise consumption data is provided after the programme has finished as consumption can vary depending on the load.

Thermo spin
1-ThermoSpin-wash-drSaves time and electricity during drying

Before drying, the garments are tumbled in a current of hot air while the spin speed is gradually increased. This reduces the water content in your laundry before the actual drying cycle begins which saves time and electricity.

2-Flowmeter-wash-drAbsolutely precise

Some washer-dryers have a flowmeter in addition to automatic load recognition. Water intake is measured and controlled extremely precisely using a precision flowmeter. This helps to save water, making it extremely economical and environmentally friendly.

Rinse out fluff – patented
3-Rinse-out-fluff-–-patented1-wash-drSpecial programme against fluff

Fluff remaining inside the machine after the last drying cycle is completely rinsed out in this programme. Condenser channel, suds container and drum are completely fluff-free within a few minutes. Textile discolourations due to transmitted fluff are avoided reliably as a result.

AutoClean – patented
4-AutoClean-–-patented1-–-patented1-wash-drLong-lasting cleanliness

The patented1 AutoClean detergent drawer is rinsed by several powerful jets of water during each washing programme. This removes any detergent residue thoroughly. The particularly smooth surface finish assists the rinsing process. This ensures that the dispenser compartment remains clean.

5-Silks-wash-drVery delicate handling of natural fibres

Cleans and protects all hand-washable textiles that do not contain wool.

26-steamCare-washing-machine50% less ironing – maximum variety of applications

SteamCare uses steam to smooth your garments gently and effectively.  As a consequence the need for ironing is demonstrably reduced by up to 50%*. With many types of fabric ironing even becomes superfluous. With “Steam smoothing”, you can wash and smooth your clothing in one step. With “Finish Steam” you can smooth already washed textiles. With “Freshen up” you can refresh and smooth clean, briefly worn clothing.

Anti-crease action
4-Miele-Anti-crease-action-dryerLaundry is loosened automatically

If you cannot remove your textiles immediately after the programme end, anti-crease action ensures that the laundry is loosened at regular intervals and does not crease.

Enameled front
Enameled frontHigh-quality surfaces

Miele is the only manufacturer of domestic appliances to enamel the front panels of all washing machines, tumble dryers and washer-dryers. The high-quality enamel is scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, alkaline-resistant, impervious to acids, easy to clean and colour-fast.

Tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use
Equivalent of 20 years' useTested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use

Miele carries out intensive endurance tests during the development stage in order to meet the highest quality standards. During these tests appliances have to wash for 10, 000 hours. This involves running approximately 5000 wash programmes. In terms of daily laundry this equates to about 5 programmes per week with an average run time of 2 hours – for 20 years.

Waterproof Metal System (WPM)
WMT-mieleMaximum water protection

With the water level sensor and float switch, the WPM offers the highest level of protection against flooding and water damage. The inlet hose is metal-braided which protects against external damage. This space-saving water safety system is particularly practical for example, for washer-dryers which are often installed in confined spaces.