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Different types of Miele vacuum cleaners

Miele offers floor care appliances in a variety of designs. Here is an overview. Which model is the right one for you will depend on the number of rooms you have and your personal preferences.







Cylinder vacuum cleaners: The classic all-rounder

A cylinder vacuum cleaner has the classic shape of a sledge and follows you easily through the room thanks to its smooth-running wheels. The weight of the appliance is almost completely on the floor. This allows you to comfortably vacuum large areas.







Upright vacuum cleaners: Powerful

Miele’s Dynamic U1 upright vacuum cleaner is the specialist for hard-wearing carpets with a lot of traffic. It can also be used on hard floors because the roller brush can be easily turned off. You position the vacuum cleaner in front of you.







Robot vacuum cleaner: Precise, efficient, thorough

Battery-operated robot vacuum cleaners work completely on their own, even when no one is at home. With ceiling camera and sensors the Miele Scout RX1 recognizes the room and all obstacles. Thanks to Smart Navigation they work thoroughly and efficiently, even among lots of furniture.







More than 60 test wins worldwide

Miele appliances demonstrate their high quality not just during our strict internal quality inspections; Miele appliances’ quality and dependability continues to receive honourable mention in independent product tests. Since 2005 alone, Miele vacuum cleaners have been voted test winners more than 60 times in consumer tests.

Save energy efficiently

Particularly successful in international tests: Miele EcoLine cylinder vacuum cleaners. With these innovative appliances Miele proves that good cleaning performance does not necessarily require high wattage. EcoLine models from Miele combine the best cleaning performance with the highest energy efficiency – in the long run saving you energy and money.







Every flag marks a test win: in Europe alone Miele has been awarded more than 50 test wins for floorcare appliances since 2005. There have also been test wins outside of Europe, for instance in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada. Miele quality impresses experts and users worldwide.