ActiveOxygen in Washing Machine


Hygienic cleanliness at the touch of a button.
Thanks to the innovative ActiveOxygen technology you do not have to worry about bacteria or germs on your clothes anymore. Even when you wash your delicate clothes at low temperatures, ActiveOxygen will make sure that up to 99.99%* of all bacteria and germs are removed without adding any chemicals.

Removes up to 99.99%* of bacteria.
ActiveOxygen is a natural substance consisting of oxygen molecules which is produced inside the machine. ActiveOxygen option can be added to most washing programmes. When the wash cycle starts, a cold ActiveOxygen fog pretreats your laundry without any chemicals. At the end of the wash cycle, a second cold ActiveOxygen fog removes remaining germs from your load. In total, both treatments last 30 minutes in order to reliably remove up to 99.99%* of bacteria and germs from your laundry.

Three facts about washing with ActiveOxygen from Bosch.

Do I have to wash underwear, baby clothes, etc. separately?
With ActiveOxygen, washing separately is not necessary anymore: it washes clothes hygienically clean and effectively removes germs and bacteria from all your textiles. Therefore germs will not be transmitted between the different clothes in your washing machine.

Is additional handwashing necessary?
Delicate clothes should be washed at low temperatures. Even at 20°C, ActiveOxygen removes up to 99.99%* of all bacteria and germs from your clothes. The function can be added to almost all washing programmes. For the first time, hygienic results are provided at low temperatures without any chemicals. So you don’t have to wash by hand anymore.

Does ActiveOxygen have any negative side effect?
ActiveOxygen is a natural substance which is produced inside the machine. It consists of oxygen molecules that are completely dissolved during the wash process. Therefore, ActiveOxygen is an environmentally friendly alternative that hygienically cleans your clothes.
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