Miele Scout RX1 SJQL0 Robot vacuum cleaner

2 Years Manufacturer’s WarrantyDelivery

Smart Navigation for cleaning difficult to reach areas
Sweeping, brushing and vacuuming with the Triple Cleaning System
Extremely long battery life – Non-Stop Power
Furniture protected by Furniture Protection Technology
Cleaning right into the corners – Advanced Corner Cleaning


Smart Navigation
Better view – better cleaning

Smart Navigation on the Scout RX1 combines three innovative features: The Indoor Positioning System with ceiling camera ensures reliable navigation. Furniture Protection Technology with 10 sensors avoids collisions and falls. Plus Advanced Corner Cleaning cleans especially effectively with extra-long side brushes and a special mode for corners and edges. Thus the RX1 ensures thorough cleaning of your floors.

Advanced Corner Cleaning
Thorough in every corner

Dust and dirt like to creep into the corners of a room. It’s exactly in these areas that many robot vacuum cleaners do not perform well. The Scout is different: with its perfect navigation system, it finds its way to remote corners and edges – where its extra-long side brushes capture all the dirt.

Triple Cleaning System
3-times more thorough

The Miele Scout RX1 tackles dirt in three ways: The two rotating side brushes pull the dirt from corners and edges under the appliance. The roller brush then picks up larger particles of dirt. And the powerful DC motor powerfully vacuums up fine dust.

Furniture Protection Technology
Does not run into anything. Does not trip up.

Seven optical sensors at the front of the Scout RX1 recognise furniture and other obstacles in the path of the robot vacuum cleaner. The RX1 approaches these objects cautiously in order to clean the floor directly in front of them. Collisions are avoided. An additional 3 sensors underneath the appliance recognise steps at floor level in time and prevent the RX1 from falling down stairs.

Non-Stop Power
3 times longer battery life

The powerful lithium-ion battery sets new standards. The Scout RX1 operates up to 120 minutes with a single battery charge. It can clean up to 150 m² – no other systematic cleaning robot vacuum currently manages this. The service life is exceptional: Even after 300 full charging cycles the battery still generates the same amount of power as it did when it was new. And it lasts about 3 times longer than batteries from other manufacturers.

Start time freely programmable

With the Scout RX1, you can programme the floor cleaning times individually. You can have it work, for instance, when you are not even at home. The RX1 will begin cleaning at the selected time. The appliance then returns to the charging station on its own to recharge the battery. So feel free to go out while the RX1 cleans your home.



Robot vacuum cleaner


Scout RX1 SJQL0



Other Features

Sweeps, brushes and vacuums


2 years


pdf download Scout RX1 SJQL0 English Manual

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