Miele DGC 7860 XXL Built-in Combination oven with steam

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2 Years Manufacturer’s WarrantyDelivery

Capacity: 68ltrs
265 Automatic programs
DualSteam technology
M Touch + MotionReact
Colour: Inox



Juicy and succulent: meat from the steam oven has an impressive, intense flavour.

Side dishes

Always to hand: potatoes, rice and pasta go well with any dish and are extremely nutritious.


Healthy food straight from the sea: fish and seafood are cooked to perfection, retaining their aroma and texture.


Gentle on frozen food: defrost any frozen food gently at around 60 °C in ideal conditions.

Disinfecting baby bottles
Disinfecting baby bottles

Bacteria-free in just 15 minutes: quick and uncomplicated disinfection of baby bottles at 100 °C.


Leaving the best until last: you can prepare desserts in myriad ways with the Miele steam oven.

Extracting juice
Extracting juice

Transform any fruit into a delicious juice or jelly: steam ensures particularly gentle juice extraction.

Proving dough
Proving dough

Soft and light: this all-rounder even helps you master dough – it proves beautifully at 40 °C.

Melting chocolate
Melting chocolate

Sweet temptation: at 90 °C, chocolate melts without forming clumps or burning – perfect for cakes or biscuits.

Keeping warm
Keeping warm

Eating later? Your steam oven will automatically keep food warm for up to 15 minutes.


Nature at its best: gentle cooking in the steam oven retains flavour and is also very healthy.

Motorised lift-up control panel with SoftClose
Motorised lift-up control panel with SoftClose
More than just a control element

Design and user convenience combined: the control panel opens and closes silently at the touch of a finger – without opening the appliance door. When the control panel opens, the water container and condensate container move forward so they can be easily removed for filling or emptying. You can now remove the wireless food probe as well. The panel tilts towards you when you press the sensor control to give you the best view of the display.

Large range of applications
Large range of applications
Numerous options

From defrosting to blanching and drying: with the Miele combi steam oven, you can prepare all kinds of foods just the way you like them, with top-quality results every time. You can also prove dough in the oven compartment for the perfect pizza or loaf of bread.

Mix & Match
Intelligent assistance

Delicious dishes made easy: cook different types of food at the same time with Mix & Match.

External steam generation
External steam generation
The benefits of external steam

Innovative steam system: unlike other systems, the steam is generated outside the oven compartment in our appliances. During the cooking process, the incoming steam completely fills the oven compartment and displaces the oxygen. This results in fast heating and optimum temperature measurement and preserves the natural colour of the food. And because limescale cannot build up in the oven compartment, cleaning is particularly easy.

Linen-finishstainless steel oven compartment
Linen-finishstainless steel oven compartment
Professional features

Ample space, fast cleaning: the stainless steel oven compartment has a generous usable capacity of up to 68 litres and can therefore accommodate large cooking containers – for example, for whole chickens. This allows you to cook complete menus for 8 to 10 people. The oven compartment is also rustproof and easy to clean. As a practical advantage, the baking trays from our ovens can also be used for the Miele combi steam oven.

Wireless food probe
Wireless food probe
Precise cooking results for fish and meat

Still raw or too dry? With the integrated food probe, you can measure the core temperature of fish or meat to make sure it is cooked just the way you like it. The time left display shows how much longer your roast will take – so you can leave the kitchen if you want to. The probe is incredibly easy to use and the results are succulent and flavoursome.

A perfect view at all levels

The high-quality LED light tubes ensure that all levels in the combi steam oven compartment are perfectly illuminated, giving you the best view of your food from any angle.

All-round expert for even results

Perfection to suit personal tastes: as the ideal complement to the oven and hob, the Miele steam oven ensures perfect cooking results. You can even cook entire menus comprising multiple courses in one go. Quick heat-up times and cooking durations combined with even steam distribution make preparing meals a breeze – thanks to the unique external steam generation with DualSteam.

Combination cooking
Moisture and dry heat: the ideal combination

Flexibility for perfect baking and roasting results: you can combine steam cooking with other functions to suit your needs. To ensure the best results, you can adjust both the temperature (40 °C to 225 °C) and moisture content (0 % to 100 %) in combination mode. These settings can be changed up to 6 times in quick succession. This ensures the food is cooked just the way you like it.

3-in-1 principle
Everything in one appliance

The 3-in-1 principle gives you three functions in just one appliance. This means you can still prepare delicious dishes even if your kitchen space is limited – use the oven mode for crispy results or the steam cooking function to cook food gently. Combination mode is the best choice for perfect cooking results. Numerous other programmes such as reheating or defrosting allow you to tailor the cooking process to suit your needs.

Automatic programmes
Automatic programmes
Effortless cooking with perfect results

How long does the bread take? How about the vegetables? With up to 265 different intelligent automatic programmes, you don’t have to select the temperature or the duration – your appliance will take care of everything to make life easier for you. Like your chicken a bit crispier? You can specify the degree of cooking or browning for many types of food.

Automatic keeping warm function
Automatic keeping warm function
Preserves nutrients and protects the appliance

At the end of the cooking time, food is automatically kept warm for up to 15 minutes without loss of quality. So it does not matter if you are a few minutes late.

Automatic menu cooking
Automatic menu cooking
For a complete menu

Fish or meat, potatoes and vegetables: with automatic menu cooking, you can combine up to three automatic programmes for different dishes. The appliance will select the right temperature, cooking duration and sequence. All you need to do is put the food in the steam oven at the right time and in the specified sequence for perfect results. This allows you to cook an entire menu in just one cooking process.

Quantity-independent cooking
Quantity-independent cooking
Different quantities, same cooking duration

Whether you want to cook a single portion or enough for the whole family – and regardless of whether the food is fresh or frozen – the cooking time in our combi steam oven is always the same. This makes life easier for you because you don’t have to weigh things out and calculate the different cooking durations.



Combi-Steam Oven


DGC 7860







Auto. Programmes



M Touch + MotionReact





Recommented Temperature



Automatic descaling, Soak programme, Stainless steel front with CleanSteel finish


Appliance cooling system and touch-cool fronts, Safety switch-off, System lock


2 years

Other Features

DualSteam technology, Mix & Match function, Sous-vide cooking

Built-in diagramme

DGC 7860 XXL


pdf download DGC 7860 Installation Instructions
pdf download DGC 7860 Data Sheet
 pdf download DGC 7860 English Manual

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