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Miele M 6012 SC Free Standing Microwave Oven

2 Years Manufacturer’s WarrantyDelivery
Capacity: 20ltrs
Max. Power: 800 W
Rapid defrosting
7 Power levels
Color: Inox


LED lighting
M 6030 SC Built-in microwave oven
Perfect lighting in the cooking compartment

Thanks to high-quality LED lighting you have a good view of food cooking in the oven. Special benefit: LEDs are characterised by their longevity and as such are virtually maintenance-free.

Quartz grill
M 6030 SC Quartz grill
For perfect results

The quartz grill, which is integrated into the oven ceiling, operates at full power after only a few seconds (1500 W for TopControl appliances). In combination with the turntable dishes brown quickly and evenly.

Stainless-steel interior
Stainless-steel interior
Very functional

The interior of Miele microwave ovens is made in stainless steel. This ensures efficient distribution of the microwaves. Furthermore, it allows easy cleaning of the appliance.

Safety lock “door” indicator
Safety lock door indicator
Prevents running the empty appliance

In order to prevent the operation of an empty appliance, the appliance cannot be switched on if the door has not been previously opened. The start is blocked until the door has been opened and then closed again.

Safety switch
Safety switch
With interactive monitoring

Miele microwave ovens offer threefold functional safety with an independent safety switch with interactive monitoring.

System lock
System lock
At the touch of a button:

The system lock can be set at the touch of a button. The appliance is then protected from inadvertent operation, e.g. by children.

Automatic programmes
M 6030 Automatic programmes
For the inexperienced as well

Thanks to the automatic programmes Miele microwave ovens become culinary experts. Simply select the desired programme and enter the weight of the food, for example. The appliance automatically determines the power level and cooking time. No other operation or monitoring is necessary. Thanks to the automatic programmes for defrosting, defrosting followed by cooking, and for the preparation of fresh food, all dishes are an absolute success.

Memory function
Memory function
Turn three into one

With the memory function you can preselect a programme sequence of up to three stages, e.g. defrosting, cooking and subsequent baking. The appliance applies the selected time/power combinations in sequence. This way you only need one operation to perform multi-stage cooking processes.

Keeping warm function
Keeping warm function
Enjoyment guaranteed

The keeping warm function will start automatically two minutes after a process has finished as long as the door has not been opened or buttons pressed. This intelligent function keeps prepared dishes warm for up to 15 minutes at a ready-to-serve temperature.

Individual settings
Individual settings
Configure your appliance to suit you

On all Miele microwave ovens you can adjust the factory-set parameters, e.g. the buzzer. So, you can adapt your appliance to suit your personal preferences at any time.

Quick microwave
Quick microwave
Quick access

Full power at your fingertips: The quick microwave function offers quick access to the highest microwave power. Press “Start” (one, two or three times) and the appliance will be activated for 30, 60 or 120 seconds and will automatically switch off after the time has elapsed. These three defined time settings can be individually programmed, for example for your regular cup of cocoa in the evening or quick warming of baby bottles.

Clock/timer functions
Clock timer functions
Practical signal function

The timer can be used independently of the microwave, e.g. when boiling eggs. The function is activated with two easy actions and gives an acoustic signal when the time entered has elapsed.



Microwave Oven


M 6012 SC







Auto. Programmes







Turn & Push Buttons

Microwave Power

Max 900W


2 years

Other Features

Automatic programmes, Individual settings, Quartz grill