Miele Scout RX2 Robot vacuum cleaner

2 Years Manufacturer’s WarrantyDelivery

Top-class dust pickup thanks to Quattro Cleaning Power
Systematic cleaning with 3D Smart Navigation
Convenient operation with MobileControl
Thorough cleaning in corners thanks to Corner Brush
Long battery charge – 60 minutes non-stop


Quattro cleaning power
Effective suction for each floor type

The suction system with its four special features ensures excellent cleaning performance. 1. Side brushes carry the dirt under the appliance. 2. Next, a round brush traps the dirt and carries them to the front suction opening. 3. The rear suction opening ensures dust removal. 4. Thanks to a powerful fan, dirt is safely transported in the dust box.

Smart 3D navigation
Smart 3D navigation3D space detection with cameras

Thanks to two front cameras, the Scout RX2 features three-dimensional object recognition with high precision. Automatically measures distances to potential obstacles, and avoids them safely. This prevents any damage to furniture and objects. Even complicated layouts are not a problem with the Scout’s 3D Smart Navigation.

Corner brush
Side brushes for meticulous cleaning

With the side arms protruding from the device, the Scout RX2 reaches all angles. The brushes thoroughly clean the corners and remove the irritating fluff. Once the Scout RX2 encounters an obstacle, the side arms gather, and continue its course without delay.

Dust box
Comfortable handling

Removing the dust box from the Scout RX2 is extremely easy. When removing the broom lid, the box is simply removed through the yellow handle

AirClean Plus filter
AirClean Plus filterAirClean Plus filter for great environment

The AirClean Plus filter ensures that the dust that is absorbed remains where it belongs: in the dust box. Effective filtering ensures very clean air in the room.



Robot vacuum cleaner


Scout RX2



Other Features

3D navigation, Mobile Control, Quattro cleaning power, Sweeps, brushes and vacuums


2 years


 pdf download Scout RX2 Red English Manual

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