Neff for Your Home! Whatever the style of your home: neff is always a perfect match.


Discover The Ingredient. It’s your source for creative cooking tips, great stories about food and recipes your taste buds will love. The recipes are made to be cooked with NEFF appliances and are inspired by cooks all around the world.


Since 1877 we’re on a mission. We set out to develop ideas which are exactly what enthusiastic cooks are looking for. Slide&Hide®, CircoTherm® and TwistPad®, for example, are ideal for everyone who enjoys creating great food toghether with family and friends. Discover some of our highlight features.


See some magic and discover our disappearing door. Our Slide&Hide® Door smoothly fits under the oven – without reducing the oven’s size – so you can taste and baste with ease. No more awkward bending as you cart your cheesy casseroles and crispy kales away. Just pull up the comfortable rotating handle without changing your hand position to close when you’re done. Make room for magic. Make room for mouth-watering memories.


lluminate your cooking. Look into the far corners of your oven in comfort with NeffLight®. Special prisms evenly distribute the glare-free LED light from both sides of the door. All shelves are illuminated from all angles – there’s no need to even open the door. And as you take a peek at your rump-roasts and delicious desserts, you won’t cast a shadow. For a clear and brilliant view of your food.


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