Miele Scout RX3 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

2 Years Manufacturer’s WarrantyDelivery
Top-class dust pickup thanks to Quattro Cleaning Power
Systematic cleaning with 3D Smart Navigation
Convenient operation with MobileControl
Thorough cleaning in corners thanks to Corner Brush
Extreme Long battery charge – 60 minutes non-stop
Protects furniture with Furniture Protection Technology


Smart networking
Miele-Smart-networkingSmart networking


With the innovative Miele @ home system, you can make the most of the potential of your Miele devices and make your daily life even smarter.
All Miele smart home appliances are easily and securely networked. The operation is simple – with the Miele application, with the voice control function or with integration into existing Smart Home solutions. The devices are connected via home WiFi and the Miele Cloud.

House mapping
Miele-House-mappingVirtual map of your home

The Scout RX3 covers all the rooms in its passage and creates a virtual map. Thus he finds the ideal path for complete and effective cleaning. Through the application, you can use the map to find the location of the robot vacuum cleaner, and see where it has already cleaned.

Miele-StopwatchFreely programmable start time

With Scout you can schedule floor cleaning hours independently. You can set it to clear, e.g. when you are away from home. Scout will start cleaning at the selected time. It will then return to the charging station to recharge its battery. So you can be free while Scout cleans your house.

Miele Scout Application
Miele-Miele-Scout-applicationCustom cleaning

The new Miele Scout application now supports even more control functions for the robot vacuum cleaner. Would you rather clean only certain areas of the house, such as the kitchen? Just select it as the app preference. You can even remove selected areas such as carpets. In this case, the Scout RX3 will avoid them during the cleaning program.

Quattro cleaning power
Miele-Quattro-cleaning-powerEfficient suction for any type of floor

The suction system with the four special functions ensures excellent cleaning. 1. The side brushes capture large dust particles under the appliance. 2. The roller with brushes reliably collects the dust and transfers it to the front suction opening. 3. The rear suction opening ensures that even fine dust is removed. 4. Thanks to the powerful turbine, the dust is safely collected in the special box.

3D Smart Navigation
Miele-3D-Smart-Navigation3D space detection with cameras


Thanks to two front-facing cameras, the Scout RX3 features high-precision 3D object recognition. Automatically measures distances from potential obstacles, and avoids them safely. This prevents any damage to furniture and objects. Even spaces with a complex layout are not a problem for Scout with 3D Smart Navigation.

Corner brush
Miele-Corner-brushFor even better cleaning performance


With the 20 side arms protruding from the device, the Scout RX3 can reach even in inaccessible places. The 20 brushes thoroughly clean all surfaces and remove annoying fluff from every corner. Once the Scout RX3 encounters an obstacle, the side arms simply collapse. This means that it can continue on its course without getting stuck.



Robot vacuum cleaner


Scout RX3 – SPQL



Other Features

3D navigation, Mobile Control, Quattro cleaning power, Sweeps, brushes and vacuums


2 years

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