Neff N29HA11Y1 Anthracite Gray Built-in warming drawer

Delivery2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
Capacity: 20ltrs
Food warming and defrosting
Handleless with push & pull opening
Operation with touch keys
Color: Anthracite Gray

Neff N29HA11Y1
The warming drawer with an installation height of 14 cm integrates harmoniously and elegantly into the 60s niche.
Warming drawer: keeps the food warm until you serve it, while you have the possibility to operate it even from your mobile phone
√ Preheat your cups whenever you want to serve hot coffee or tea to your guests
Preheating dishes: keep your food at the right temperature until you serve it
Slow cooking program: for tender meat, chicken and vegetables with a unique taste and vitamins
Push&Pull: open and close the heated drawer with a gentle touch

Built-in fully extendable Warming Drawer, Food warming and defrosting – cookware and utensil warming

  • Built-in multifuntion Warming Drawer
  • Fully extendable pull out drawer
  • Cavity volume: 20 ltrs
  • Load up to 25 kg
  • Max. Load of espresso cups: 64 pieces or Max. Load of plates (26 cm): 12 pieces
  • 4 functions: Gentle roasting, Keeping warm, Warming dishes, Warming cups
  • Temperature control in 4 stages: from approx. 30 ° C – 80 ° C (glass surface temperature)
  • Handleless with push & pull opening
  • Heating by tempered glass heating plate
  • Total connected load electrical: 0.82 kW
  • Product Dimensions: H x W x D = 140 x 594 x 518 mm


Built-in warming drawer


N29HA11Y1 Anthracite Gray


Anthracite Gray


64 espresso cups or 12 dishes (26cm)


4 functions: Gentle roasting, Keeping warm, Warming dishes, Warming cups


Touch screen

Temperature Range

Adjustable temperature range from 30-80°C


Push&pull door


2 years